During a total knee replacement in Chennai, an artificial implant is used to replace the worn-out or injured knee joint. It is a typical course of treatment for those in Chennai experiencing significant knee pain and a restricted range of motion. Consider contacting the Lenin Ortho facility in Chennai for an assessment and an individualized treatment plan if you are experiencing knee discomfort. They have a team of orthopedic surgeons with expertise in knee replacement surgery who can provide comprehensive care.

Information about knee replacement surgery

Knee arthroplasty, sometimes referred to as knee replacement surgery, is a medical treatment that entails replacing a worn-out or injured knee joint with an artificial implant. It is often advised for people in Chennai who have severe knee discomfort and restricted mobility as a result of arthritis or an injury. Discuss your alternatives for knee replacement surgery with a licensed orthopedic surgeon in Chennai.

Knee replacement surgery types

Surgery to replace the knee is frequently done to treat very bad knee pain and mobility problems. There are various knee replacement procedures available, each designed to meet requirements.

Total replacement of the knee

A metal, plastic, or ceramic prosthesis is used to replace the complete knee joint in a total knee replacement. For those with rheumatoid arthritis or severe osteoarthritis, this procedure is ideal.

Knee Replacement in Part

One compartment of the knee joint, usually the medial or lateral compartment, is replaced as part of a partial knee replacement. People who have injuries to a specific portion of the knee joint are good candidates for this surgery.

Knee Replacement with Minimal Invasiveness

A more recent approach that includes creating fewer incisions to access the knee joint is minimally invasive knee replacement. This procedure has a quicker healing period and leaves fewer scars.

To find out which kind of knee replacement surgery is appropriate for you if you have knee discomfort, speak with a representative from Lenin Ortho Hospital.

Regarding the knee surgeon

An expert in the diagnosis, therapy, and prevention of knee-related illnesses and injuries is known as a knee replacement surgeon in Chennai. They are well-versed in the most recent surgical methods and technology, as well as the anatomy, biomechanics, and function of the knee joint. Non-surgical and surgical therapy methods are both available from knee surgeons to help patients manage knee pain and regain mobility.

Consider speaking with a knee surgeon at Lenin Ortho Hospital if you're having knee pain for expert care and treatment.

Causes of Knee Surgery

Knee surgery is a medical procedure that may be necessary for a variety of reasons.

Knee Surgery - Osteoarthritis
Knee Surgery - Knee injuries
Knee injuries
Knee Surgery - Rheumatoid arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis
Knee Surgery - Meniscal tears
Meniscal tears
Knee Surgery - Ligament tears
Ligament tears
Knee Surgery - Patellofemoral syndrome
Patellofemoral syndrome
Knee Surgery - Baker's cyst
Baker's cyst
Knee Surgery - Osteonecrosise
Knee Surgery - Gout
Knee Surgery - Tendinitis

Replacement of the knee

A damaged or worn-out knee joint is replaced with an artificial joint during a surgical operation known as knee replacement, sometimes referred to as knee arthroplasty. During the treatment, the surgeon replaces the knee's damaged cartilage and bone with a prosthetic joint comprised of metal, plastic, or ceramic. For people with significant knee pain and mobility problems, the operation can reduce pain, enhance mobility, and improve their overall quality of life.

  • Prior to having knee surgery

    Patients often receive a complete medical evaluation before having knee replacement surgery in Chennai, and they also follow specific instructions like stopping smoking and avoiding certain drugs to get ready for the procedure. Additionally, they could have physical therapy to build up the muscles around the knee and learn recovery activities.

  • After having a knee replacement

    Following knee replacement surgery in Chennai, patients often spend a few days in the hospital before continuing their recuperation at home. To help them recover, they could get physical therapy and painkillers. Patients must adhere to their doctor's recommendations for post-operative care, which may include resting, abstaining from particular activities, and attending follow-up appointments.