Pioneering an innovation in Total Knee Replacement

The demand for total knee replacement is on the rise the world over. Total knee replacement offers a new lease of life to patients suffering from arthritis caused by a multitude of factors. Replacing damaged knee joints with brand new joints is an amazing development in the larger healthcare domain. Yet there is a level of skepticism attached to total knee replacement procedures. The long period of time taken by patients to recover post surgery is a major concern. It is perceived that patients usually take up to one year to recover from the post procedural pain and trauma. The longevity of knee replacement procedures is yet another area of concern. It is widely believed that knee replacement implants normally do not last beyond ten years making it a difficult choice for younger patients. Prolonged recovery from past procedural pain and limited life of implants are two critical factors that trigger apprehension in patients.

These two concerns helped in innovating the concept of ideal total knee replacement. It is a revolutionary procedure that comes with zero error, quick recovery from pain and prolonged endurance of implants. Dr C Lenin, is the pioneer of this magical procedure that's path breaking and truly futuristic. He is an acclaimed expert in in this field and offers his patients-minimally Invasive total knee replacement using the cutting edge Subvastus approach. The new age procedure comes with a rotating platform knee which is implanted precisely with zero error powered by computer aided navigation. It is a minimally invasive procedure compared to the conventional knee replacement procedures quadriceps (Front side muscles of knees) are cut open to place the knee implant (Parapatellar approach). The strength of this muscle is the key factor which influences post surgical recovery. Dr. C. Lenin has redefined total knee replacement leveraging the Subvastus approach which absolutely preserves the quadriceps muscle. It is a world class total knee replacement technique without cutting any muscle in front of the knee. This leads to quicker recovery post procedure affording patients access to quality life in a short span of time.

The Subvastus approach deployed by Dr Lenin negates the separation of the thigh and leg bones from each other. Unlike in conventional procedures, there's no flipping of the knee cap which facilitates quicker recovery without physiotherapy. When it comes to implants, Dr. C Lenin uses rotating platform knee implant which has proven efficacy. Today the longest enduring knee implants in the world are rotating platforms with the robust backing of clinical and lab tests. Thanks to the efforts of Dr Lenin, total knee replacement using rotating platform implants is emerging as a viable option for younger and obese patients also. In a fixed platform, the cushion between the femoral and tibial implant is fixed to the tibial implant. This makes knee movement quite painful and stressful due to the rotational torque forces. The tibial implant and bone interface gradually loosens over the years, often resulting in redo surgeries. In rotating platform implants, the cushion is free to rotate, causing the torque forces to dissipate into the soft tissue envelope. This also reduces the wear of the polyethylene which in turn increases the longevity of the implants and comfort levels experienced by the patients.

Dr Lenin is offering this world class, minimally invasive total knee replacement procedure with 3 inches cut in the skin, unlike 7-8 inches cut in conventional surgeries. Opting for total knee replacement with assurance of rapid recovery and long endurance of implants in now a reality thanks to the pioneering efforts of Dr Lenin. We are now witnessing the next level of knee replacement procedures spear headed by new age knee solutions evangelist Dr Lenin.

·         Zero damage of muscle tissue

·         Minimum scar of just 3 inches

·         Negligible post procedural pain

·         Total recovery without physiotherapy

·         Long lasting, high endurance procedure


Article published on India Today Magazine, September 2, 2019

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