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The first multi-speciality boutique hospital


Dr. Lenin’s Orthoinde Hospital in Chennai excels in a wide spectrum of orthopaedic services covering accidental trauma, arthritis, sports medicine, congenital defects and joint replacements. It takes privilege to be first of a kind multi-speciality boutique hospital in excellent orthopaedic care.

Objective - Dr. Lenin’s Orthoinde Hospital


Dr. Lenin’s Orthoinde Hospital stands pioneer in offering advanced procedures with a mission to bring smiles in treating orthopaedic illnesses and disabilities with an expert team of orthopaedists. The main objective is to offer world class, affordable and accessible treatment to everyone.

Excellence in orthopaedic care


The excellence in orthopaedic care includes treating bone injuries, joint injuries, ligaments injuries, curing sports injuries, arthroscopic procedures, etc. The team of experts will aid in each step to improve your mobility, range of motion, along with a better quality of life.

Services - Dr. Lenin’s Orthoinde Hospital


The best orthopaedic hospital in Chennai can be chosen for professional competence and warm patient care which ensures to combine research along with treating patients using the cutting-edge technology for reducing the devastating toll of orthopaedic disorders.

What are joint replacements?


The joints in a human body tend to wear away as we get older and it can also be due to arthritis or injuries. If anyone experiences pain, stiffness or difficulties minimally-invasive methods of treatment can be the modern answer.

Key surgeries of joint replacements


– Joint Replacement (Arthroplasty) of      the knee, hip, shoulder, elbow – Knee replacements – Partial and Total     knee replacement, – Hip revision surgeries, Complex hip     replacement, Bipolar hip replacement,     Total hip replacement – Shoulder replacement – Surface      replacement, Hemi replacement,     Reverse total shoulder replacement,     Total shoulder replacement

Key procedures for trauma services


Avail round-the-clock orthopaedic services in Dr. Lenin’s Orthoinde Hospital for unexpected situations with immediate attention. – Surgery for fractures of arms, leg, hips     and other joints – Treatment for paediatric fractures and     complex fractures – Treatment for subluxation and      dislocation of the joints

Arthroscopy Services and Sports Injuries


The best ortho hospital in Chennai is expert in treating sports injuries using key procedures. – Knee arthroscopy – Meniscus and Ligament Surgery – Repair of rotator cuff tears, Shoulder     arthroscopy, Surgery for frozen      shoulder – Surgeries for recurrent dislocation    (knee, shoulder)

Key procedures of paediatric orthopaedics


– Surgery for childhood trauma,      fractures or injuries – Bone or joint infections – Procedures for congenital diseases     like DDH, CTEV – Procedures for limb or angular    deformities, and correction of     length discrepancies – Treatment of deformities in children      with meningomyelocele and cerebral      palsy


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