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Best 10 Exercises For Bone Strengthening

Exercise for Bone Strengthening
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The most effective way to increase bone strength is by performing Exercise.There are Best 10 Exercises For Bone Strengthening they are activities where you ought to work against the force of gravity. Any exercise for bone strengthening performed on your feet is weight-bearing because it supports your weight. 

Moving a dumbbell is also a weight-bearing exercise because you are trying to pull the weight up while gravity is trying to pull it down. High-impact exercises like running or jumping build stronger bones as well. The force of the impact causes stress to your bones, where your body responds to it by making them stronger. 

Some exercises that are neither high-impact nor weight-bearing include swimming and cycling, because these don’t require supporting your own weight and there’s no impact on your bones.

Best 10 Exercises For Bone Strengthening

Best 10 Exercise for Bone Strengthening


Weight training is a great exercise for bone strengthening because it trains or works out non-bearing bones of the hands and arms. It is not essential to start by lifting heavy weights, you can start doing it with small weights with lot of repetitions to increase bone density upto 22% in post-menopausal women who are prone to the risk of osteoporosis and upto 29% in people with osteopenia.

Besides that, this exercise for bone growth not only increases bone density but also slows down bone loss.


Dancing is more than just being a good Exercise for Bone Strengthening. In the realm of bone health, dancing can be a little more high-impact exercise than walking and a little less than jogging. 

While performing furious feet smacking against the floor while dancing can create a force which can strengthen the bones in your legs. Beyond bones, it is found that older adults who take twice-weekly dance classes for four months continuously showed marked improvement in a physical fitness test.

Walking and Jogging

Walking and Jogging are the best exercises for bone strengthening especially for strengthening your leg bones since they support your body weight. As you jog, the force of your feet against the ground will further stress your bones making it a beneficial exercise for bone growth making them stronger. 

You should not overdo this maximum high impact exercise in order to avoid overuse injuries. Walking is more moderate besides jogging.

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Performing Yoga

During yoga, you can support yourself with your arms or legs. This Exercises For Bone Strengthening has an increased flexibility and improves balance simultaneously. Also, it helps in preventing falls and bone breaks especially among older people.

This exercise for bone growth among the young people shows that yoga is tension- relieving, mind-calming, and flexibility-defying practice to help build stronger bones too.

Playing Tennis

Running around the tennis court while playing tennis and leaping to return a crafty serve can be the high-impact ways adding to the Exercises For Bone Strengthening in your legs. 

But many people do not realize swinging the racket is also a workout and a form of resistance to strengthen your arm bones besides the jolt of the tennis ball against the racket adding further stress.

Before choosing an exercise for bone growth, it is important to consider the risk of falling. Always consult a doctor and a physical therapist who can help you plan your exercise program.

Strength Training

Strength training is one among the 10 knee strengthening exercises which includes the use of resistance bands, free weights or your own body weight to strengthen the major muscle groups especially the spinal muscles which is important for posture.

If you make use of the weight machines, ensure not to twist your spine while performing or adjusting the machines during this exercise for bone strengthening.


Aerobics is the Exercises For Bone Strengthening as this weight-bearing workout works great to increase bone density and lessen body loss. But while performing aerobics, ensure to avoid high impact workouts and go with low-impact aerobics unless your body gets used to it.

There are countless options to perform it with so much fun because it accompanies your fitness journey and increases bone density at the same time.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is listed as the best 10 knee strengthening exercises for bone as you can do this at home. All you have to do is grab a jump rope and go for it. 

It can wear you out in no time and immediately get your heart pumping. Be patient and jump for two-minute intervals, then talk a quick walk around and then jump for another two minutes. Repeat this and in no time, it will be great for your heart and bone strength.

Stair Climbing

If you have stairs in your home, you can do this Exercises For Bone Strengthening on knees where you can use some great building blocks to prevent osteoporosis. Simply start walking up a certain number of flights of stairs a certain count of times a day and your bones will get some benefit. 

Stairs are good for the bones and heart. You will definitely feel hard at first, but you and your body will get accustomed to the challenge slowly.

Resistance exercise

Another resistance exercise which is good among the 10 knee strengthening exercises involves elastic bands that’s incredibly beneficial and easy on the body in the process. You get the hang of it in no time, and work to build muscles on your knees and to develop healthy bones

This will aid in decreasing your odds of getting osteoporosis and make sure of you getting more bone-strengthening benefits.

To sum up, while performing these 10 knee strengthening exercises you want to consult with your specialist to learn the proper progression of activity, correct poor posture habits besides knowing how to strengthen muscles safely, and how to correct poor posture habits with proper stretches.

Activities to Stay Away From

A few exercises, such as climbing, working out with rope, climbing, a essentially set an excess of expectation for your bones and increment the gamble of breaks. Known as high-influence works out, they can overwhelm your spine and hips as well as increment your gamble for falls.Practices that include bowing forward or turning the storage compartment of your body, for example, situps and playing golf, additionally increment your gamble for osteoporosis cracks.

The Factors that Affect Bone Health

  • How much calcium in your eating routine
  • Actual Inactivity
  • Tobacco and liquor use
  • Race and family ancestry.
  • Chemical levels
  • Dietary issues and different circumstances

Advantages of Exercise

Beginning exercising is rarely past the point of no return. For postmenopausal ladies, customary active work can:

  • Increment your muscle strength
  • Work on your equilibrium
  • Decline your gamble of bone break
  • Keep up with or work on your stance
  • Assuage or diminish torment


Although exercises for bone strengthening prevent bone loss and decrease fracture risk, understanding the individual risk for osteoporosis such as family history and genetic factors is essential. You can consult in Dr.Lenin’s Orthoinde Hospital regarding a balanced and calcium rich diet with our experts to lead a healthy lifestyle as they are also the key ingredients for lifelong bone health.

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